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  1. Here's an interesting story about this particular track.
    So, I have been on the hunt for Chris Duarte's Steel Phantom for idk how long at this point cause the link on the video description was broken. So, I looked for anything kennywood related, and then I see a track called Steal Venom.
    After some close inspection, I realized that this was Chris Duarte's Phantom. HOWEVER, It was heavily modified into a viper style layout, and even the terrain was modified. I looked for help but to no avail, SO, I took matters into my own hands!
    After a long hard work on this, Ladies and gentlemen! I am proud to say that the track is back in top shape. Steel Phantom has returned!

    I have also provided cart textures. The one that says (Blue-teal stripe) goes to train 1, and the one that has the yellow stripe goes to train 2.

  2. this a good Recreation of the Defunct Dinn Wooden Coaster from Geauga Lake which operated from 1988-2007. this is a reupload from Coaster Crazy by drpc.
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  3. This coaster recreation was free to use. If you want to use that in your parks, credit me.
    Coaster: Intamin Stand Up
    Intamin Stand Up Coaster was introduced in 1986 as Shockwave at Six Flags Magic Mountain in CA. As of 2021, there is only 1 Intamin Stand Up Coaster left in the world, like Shockwave at Drayton Manor in the UK.
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  4. This is my 2021 UPDATED Arrow Launched Loop coaster recreation. Feel free to use that.
    Coaster: Arrow Development Launched Loop
    Arrow Launched or Shuttle Loop model debut in 1977 as Loop Coaster at Six Flags New England (1977-1999), Demon at Kings Island (1977-1987), and Zoomerang at Boardwalk and Baseball (1977-1990). in 1980 they stopped making these.
  5. I made this recreation of Psyclone at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
    Coaster: Psyclone
    Psyclone was a Dinn Corporation Cyclone layout Wooden Coaster that opened in 1991 at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The coaster was not bad after opening. But in 1994, It became the roughest wooden coaster. It operated until it was closed in 2006, To make room for the GCI Wooden Coaster called Apocalypse the Ride that came in 2009.
  6. This is my recreation of Little Dipper made by Allan Herschell Company in New York.
  7. Author: DasMatze
    I converted some of my railroad tracks plus the BR 628 from my RCT3 CT/CTR.
    Thanks to RCT3's grid you can build very precise with these pieces (if you turn on Snap and set it to 1m in the preferences).
    Simply extract the folder to "My Documents/com.nolimitscoaster.nolimits2" and select the pieces under the section called "Home". An annoying message will appear each time you select a piece but you can ignore it. Simply click on "Yes".
    To make this work in parks you share, you have to pack it as an NL2 package. So you are allowed to share it.
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  8. This is my recreation of Pinfari Super Train ST40.
  9. This is my recreation of Zierer's old coaster model, The Flitzer. Credit me when you using.
    Original ride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMcF3gMrh7s
  10. Author: TheDarkStar23
    I built this to get to grips with NL2. Hand building and all that stuff... terrain and all that as well.
    Enjoy Fury. My Arrow Suspended Coaster, and first using the new program!
    It is 'overly swingy' in places, however the track itself is smooth.
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  11. Author: TheDarkStar23
    I love NL2. Here's Forest Sprint, my terrain wooden coaster. It is almost what Disney would do with a woodie, in my eye.
    Twists, drops and tunnels set this coaster apart, and there is a nice surprise on the ride as well, so please, when you do rate the ride, could you refer to the surprise as 'The Surprise' as to not spoil it for others.
    It is all hand built in NL2, and the supports are prefabs, as I fail horribly at wooden supports. This coaster was initially a test to get used to the terrain tools, however it grew to what you see now.
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  12. Author: TheDarkStar23
     I've pretty much got to grips with the 4D coaster style now, and I must say, I loved messing around with the rotation on this coaster! It is inspired by X2 and Dinoconda, with the majority of that layout, and parts of B&M Wingriders for the latter half before the final brake run.
    The supports are mostly prefabs, however a lot of them have been edited in some way, mainly to fit the coaster track. The lift supports are indeed modified prefabs, made to look like that of typical 4D coasters. I used images to recreate them.
    Everything here is my creation (well, apart from the trees and prefabs) and I know the MCBR slows the train a lot. This is deliberate. It allows a time for the riders to 'rest' for a little, before the next part of the coaster commences.
    Enjoy Daze! My first 4D coaster
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  13. Author: TheDarkStar23
     I originally created this in NL1, as a concept, however with the introduction of the flying coasters in NL2, I had to release it like this. It is a reasonably relaxing ride, and because it is very inspired by Air, it is deliberately not too intense, or too fast. It is, in my view, a calm, peaceful ride.
    Again, it is a terrain coaster from me, and with tunnels to break up the ride a bit. Also, don't forget that the screenshot does not show as much as you might think it does...
    If you go into night mode (I think it can be changed in the 'Setup' menu on the main screen), the coaster lights up and creates some spectacular (at least in my opinion) views.
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  14. Author: Cultr
    This is my coaster Esterlyn, a gravity group wooden coaster and is actually my first creation on no limits 2. It's pretty compact and fun and I hope you all enjoy.
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  15. Author: Cultr
    This is my second creation on NL2, an Arrow Suspended Coaster with a BBW inspiration to it. Hope you all enjoy!
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  16. Author: NoLimits2_kid
    Two NoLimits coasters! The blue one is a B&M Inverted Coaster named Razer, while the yellow one is an Intamin Hyper Coaster named Lightning. This park is huge with lots of room for more coasters and flat rides! Do what you want and make it yours!
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  17. Author: DasMatze
    A block to measure stuff with for NoLimits 2.
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  18. Author: NoLimits2_kid
    A beautiful timberliner terrain coaster.
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  19. Author: NoLimits2_kid
    Take a night ride on the Nighthawk. Warning: It's a little foggy.
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  20. Author: NoLimits2_kid
    I made this as a Tribute to Greezed Lightnin' at (Six Flags)Kentucky Kingdom. The roller coaster was removed last year so the new owners of the park could put in a new $7 million steel coaster named Lightning Run. I hope you like it  ;D
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  21. Author: Emonadeo
    This script let your .nl2sco objects rotate!
    Put the script into the same folder as your object (...) and add it with the script tab in the nl2sco editor ;)
    The speed can be controlled by changing the line:
    " ... rotationrate = 0.5f; "
    Please keep in mind that you need a point instead of a comma and the floating-point (f) behind the number.
    With a minus in front of the number, the rotation will change the direction!
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  22. Author: Magu
    This script let your .nl2sco objects rotate!
    Put the script into the same folder as your object (...) and add it with the script tab in the nl2sco editor ;)
    The speed can be controlled by changing the line:
    " ... rotation rate = 0.5f; "
    Please keep in mind that you need a point instead of a comma and the floating-point (f) behind the number.
    With a minus in front of the number, the rotation will change the direction!
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  23. Author: iEddiez
     A small set of CCTV Cameras and an On Ride Camera for NoLimits2.
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  24. Author: Magu
    Here it is...
    The first Update of the Park-Set for NoLimits 2!
    It contains a few little things and a working Gyro-Tower!
    Please don´t forget to read the READ ME!
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  25. Author: NoLimits2_kid
    Fury is a Gerstlauer Eurofighter featuring a 90° lift hill and drop. It also features 5 inversions; a cobra roll, a 133° banked turn, a loop, and a heart line twist. The roller coaster also features a mid-course launch.
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