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  1. Now you can recreate that small Mexican village with this unique set.
    Originally created by MGP
    25 0
  2. A small set with pieces to start building a Temple of the Forbidden Eye-style attraction! To be used with MGP's other temple-themed sets.
    Originally created by MGP
    12 0
  3. A GIANT pack of over 2,000 effects created by various creators from all over the world. Long lost fireworks from the likes of Melawse and PyroMikkel accompany scores of other specialty particles from artists unknown. 
    Install to your /Fireworks directory. Not all effects may be stable in-game. You are installing and using at your own risk as some effects may make your game crash! Use caution and save regularly. 
    Originally created by: Various artists, not all creators' names are available. 
    23 0
  4. The Awesome Wooden Coaster CTR.

    This is the Only place where you can Download This Amazing CTR


    Originally created by Parallax
    32 0
  5. A versatile collection of mortars for your water fountains! Both full and half rings with angled versions are included, as well as other unique shapes and designs. Found in the Mortars section of the MixMaster. These will only work with fireworks.
    Originally created by Arknot
    29 0
  6. A collection of mortars varying in size, style and firing direction. There are even pathcover mortars! Quarter/center tile placement, auto-rotating. Found in the Mortars section of the MixMaster. 
    Extract to Style/Themed.
    Originally created by ThaaaEftaaaling
    14 0
  7. A set of TEENY TINY mortars that are practically invisible! They shoot in 6 directions and can be rotated. If these weren't small enough, there's a truly invisible version included as well. They do not work with lasers. Found in the mortars section of the MixMaster (see screenshot).
    Unknown origin. 
    3 0
  8. A tiny second set of 28 fireworks producted by Fyre Teknix, made by Caebicca.
    14 0
  9. The third set of fireworks produced by Fyre Teknix, including 200 pyro effects and 28 water effects made by Caebicca.
    15 0
  10. The fourth set of fireworks produced by Fyre Teknix, a massive collection of 415 effects lovingly made by Caebicca. 
    13 0
  11. The most comprehensive set of fireworks ever produced by Fyre Teknix from 2011-2012: 500+ effects all handcrafted by Caebicca, including many water and light effects! 
    18 0
  12. The final set of fireworks ever produced by Fyre Teknix in 2012 - a collection of 250+ effects all handmade by Caebicca. 
    17 0
  13. A wet n' wild set of 80+ fountains and water effects produced by Fyre Teknix alongside Chapter 4, all made by Caebicca.
    16 0
  14. Plenty of goodies to make that rustic warehouse you’ve always wanted. Unleash your inner steel worker with assorted walls, roofs, catwalks, steel beams, pipes, tanks, fans, signs, and a whole bunch more.
    Originally created by xIWillDestroYouAllx
    33 3
  15. The medieval era is perhaps the most fascinating, with ladies and knights, kings and queens, castles and towers.
    Give free rein to your imagination by creating your own medieval area!
    Contains all the medieval packs released in the past on our site.
    Originally created by and hosted on RCT3Italia
    19 0
  16. An alien infiltration has just taken over the Abu Simbel Temple.
    Arm yourself with a laser gun and fight the most epic battle in history!
    Originally created by and hosted on RCT3Italia
    25 0
  17. Many wooden pieces to build an old-fashioned snack stand! Created for Mr. Sion. 
    Originally created by StationJimJr
    28 0
  18. A set of 3 large trees.
    Originally created by Old-Spice.
    26 0
  19. This set was replaced by Version 1.1! Create a more realistic terrain with these various boulders, branches and plants.
    Originally created by Weber
    60 0
  20. A set containing trees cultivated strictly for ornament.

    Currently includes:

    Topiaries - Land of Tomorrow (I & II), Box, Ball, Cluster (6)
    Laburnum (STREET) - In 3 seasonal variations

    No read-me provided - install as you normally would (Style/Themed). For future download edits, simply overwrite and replace the old versions.
    Originally created by n7
    51 0
  21. A set used exclusively for one of Belotto33's "Small Town Structures" collections.
    Originally created by Ralfvieh.
    23 0
  22. In the .zip you'll find two folders. One has fences, the other has gateway objects.
    Originally created by Kornsoadhts
    33 0
  23. A set of jungle-themed items.
    Originally created by MGP.
    28 0
  24. Where can I find the pack? [in-game]:
    The set has the theme "Adventure", so you can find it under the pirate hood.
    Here is the list from all the objects and his place in-game:
    Main Pack:
    Theme: Adventure
    Place: Scenery
    Goodies Pack:
    Theme: Adventure
    Place: Scenery Items
    Rope Pack:
    Theme: Adventure
    Place: Scenery Items
    Billboard Pack
    Place: Billboard Section
    Originally created by Ckef Worx
    18 0
  25. Originally created by Ckex Worx
    22 0
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