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Vodhins Girders N Glass

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Created: 03/23/08. EDIT- 3/23/08 : version changed- Correct download file in place. If you downloaded this file between 2/24/08 and 3/23/08 please download again. You can check your current copy- if the files inside are dated from 2007, then you should download this new one.

EDIT 1-30-08: The glass walls have been "cleaned up" a bit- the texture is better and the glass is now colorable. I've also added some new Iron Spiral Stairs (a whole staircase kit, actually, but it's just scenery, peeps will not use it) and I've updated the icons and I think I've got them all in now.

EDIT 1-24-08: The set has been updated and seems to be free of the X-Ray effect in the glass walls and roofs

This is a set of structural supports and various iron girders and beams for use in your RCT3 parks. There are also a number of Glass Walls and roofs that are framed in the same texture style and should match up nicely with existing RCT3 sets as well as the iron girders and beams.

It is recommended that you keep the zipped download in a directory folder outside of any RCT3 folder.

Author/Creator: Vodhin

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Vodhin's Girders N' Glass CS set is one of those truly magnificent essentials, which should be in every RCT3 creator's basic "must have" 101 tool kits!

Personally I would judge this set to be in the Top 5 of The Greatest CSO ever created.

So, "what does make a really great CSO?" - The answer is simply logical: For me personally, a truly great CS set has all of the following qualities:

1) Overall appearance, look and feel.  (in eg. the quality of the textures used, quality of the icons, are the pieces in English etc.)

2) Functionality. How does the set pieces behave, function and work when used in editor, are the pieces recolorable, if they "snap-in", how they snap-in, are any pieces available in diagonal form, etc.

3.) Usefulness. Is the usage of the set limited to "just one thing" - or can the set be used in unlimited ways. Only creator's imagination will pose any kind of limits to this set.

4) Compatibility with other sets, especially in-game textures and other user created CSO. This set is more or less based on the model and look of the original glass girders found in-game, which makes this set even more useful - as they can even be used together almost seamlessly.

5) Extent of the CSO set. How many pieces there are, and how many of them are really useful, and how many of them are unnecessary. Luckily, this set has NO unnecessary pieces. Everything has a well defined usefulness and purpose.  It has 68 various iron girder pieces, 32 glass wall pieces, and a VERY useful building set for creating a custom cast iron spiral staircase - Which screams to be used in spooky theme, and anything fitting for Victorian/Edwardian era scenery!

This set is more than extremely useful! - If you think that this is only good for recreating a version of "The Crystal Palace", you're dead wrong! This set can be used with any other CSO in so many, various and versatile ways that it makes this set a true, genuine masterpiece. I have myself used this set with various sized arches and other pieces which allow non-collision items placed inside or on top of them. If you really want to see how many different ways pieces found in this set can be used, download Belotto33's Structure Packs - it's used in 22 of the 28 sets.


Finally.... If for some unknown and/or weird reason you haven't got this set yet, you truly are missing something great!

I attached screenshot of a conservatory/green house/orangerie built almost entirely exclusively using parts found in this CS set.



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