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Custom Scenery

All custom scenery files for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

1,937 files

  1. Contains 22 animated doors functioning as ride events.
        - Opening bookcase
        - 2 hinged wire gates
        - 4 hinged metal double doors
        - 2 wooden breaking mine entrances
        - 2 military gates
        - Warehouse rolling doors
        - 5 Sci-fi themed sliding doors
        - Shipping container with entrance hinged double doors. and a fold down exit door
        - Toll gate boom
        - 3 wooden double doors

        Please remove any previous versions before installing!
        Copy folder "WeberAnimated Ride Event Doors" into RCT3 installation directory => Style\Themed
    Author: Weber
    21 0
  2. Contains recolorable flagpole + 6 animated recolorable (single color) flags.
    Copy folder "JMAinAZ_Flags_Recolorable" into RCT3 installation folder => Style\Themed\
    Author: JMAinAZ
    12 0
  3. Contains 1 recolorable flagpole + 2 different flags of U.S.A.
    Installation as usual, copy folder "JMAinAZ_Flags_USA" into RCT3 installation directory => Style\Themed
    Author: JMAinAZ
    10 0
  4. Contains components to build 1x1 sized vertical and horizontal ventilation shafts, fan blades, fan motors and fan guards.
    includes many recolorable parts, neon lighting glowing fan blades and backplates.
    Copy entire folder "JMAinAZ_Fans_Vents" into RCT3 installation directory => Style\Themed
    Author: JMAinAZ
    6 0
  5. Contains components for 7 animated themed ceiling fans:
        - Atlantis
        - Generic
        - Haunted
        - Safari
        - Sci-Fi
        - Tropical
        - Western

    Copy folder "JMAinAZ_Fans_Themed" as usual into RCT3 installation folder => Style\Themed
    Author: JMAinAZ
    6 0
  6. Set contains components to build 3 different types of recolorable animated ceiling fans
    Optional lighting components included: modern spotlights + antique chandelier
    All components can be used independently.

    Copy entire folder "JMAinAZ_Fans_Recolorable" into RCT3 installation directory => Style\Themed

    Author: JMAinAZ
    5 0
  7. Contains various types of animated cooling fans for interiors.
    Components to build cooling fans with stands, wall- and ceiling mounted types are included.
    Some components and pieces are recolorable. Includes optional neon glow fan blades and backplates.

        1) Copy folder "JMAinAZ_Fans_Misting" as usual into RCT3 installation folder => Style\Themed
        2) Copy file "FanMist.frw" into into RCT3 installation folder => ParticleEffects
          PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT copy into "My Documents\RCT3\ParticleEffects".
    Author: JMAinAZ
    10 0
  8. Dawn's Neon Food Signs (a.k.a. DKNeon Food Signs )
    Contains 45 restaurant themed neon signs.

    Copy folder "DKNeon Food Signs" into RCT3 installation directory => Style\Themed
    Author: Dkimber / Dkimber1974 / Dawn
    13 0
  9. Yoshi's Egypt (a.k.a. Puzzled5543Egypt / PDE - Misc. Objects) v1.1
    Set contains following items:
    - 3 Egypt themed recolorable path (inner) benches
    - 2 Egypt themed recolorable trash bins
    - 1 Egypt themed recolorable wall lamp
    - 1 Egypt themed recolorable path (inner) lamp
    - 2 Non-recolorable yellow/golden 3D stars
    - 2 Non-customizable menu boards
    - 1 Recolorable shop counter
    - 2 Egypt themed floor tiles/path covers
    - 1 Recolorable theater marquee
    - 1 Large sign "The Lost Cities"
    After installation all items can be found in "Scenery Items" under "PDE - Misc. Objects"
    Place the Puzzled5543Egypt folder into C:/Program Files/Atari/RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3/Style/Themed.
    This is the default directory.
    If you have RCT3 installed into another place, navigate to that directory instead,
    and then place inside of Style/Themed.
        • The brick and two floor tile textures are form Spiral Graphics.
        • The rock, stucco, and water textures all came from CG Textures.
        • The miniature tile texture, along with the texture used on the Cinema Marquee were provided by Shyguy.
        • The lava texture is from GRSites.
        • Most of the basic textures, I created myself in The Gimp.
        • The "Egyptian Bench Sides", and "Lamp Arm" textures are created from the Stucco texture, and have been modified to allow for less polygons in the game.
        • Most of these textures have been modified in order to work in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, and to allow for recoloring.
    Most of these objects can be found under Scenery/Scenery Items.
    The two terrain conforming floor tiles can be found under Scenery/Foliage.
    1.0     • Original objects created.
    1.1        • Icons updated.
            • Name strings changed for easier use.
            • Name of set changed due to people complaining about it not being Egypt themed.

    Author: Yoshi (Puzzled5543)
    8 0
  10. Yoshi's Designs - Brick Walls & Objects
    (a.k.a. "Puzzled5543Designs_BrickWalls, "Puzzled5543Designs_BrickDiagonals" + "Puzzled5543Designs_BrickObjects")
    Contains 3 separate sets, fully compatible with each other,
    recolorable brick walls, diagonal brick walls and few extras.

        1) Copy folder "Puzzled5543Designs_BrickWalls" as usual into RCT3 installation folder => Style\Themed
        2) Copy folder "Puzzled5543Designs_BrickDiagonals" as usual into RCT3 installation folder => Style\Themed
        3) Copy folder "Puzzled5543Designs_BrickObjects" as usual into RCT3 installation folder => Style\Themed
    Author: Yoshi (Puzzled5543)
    8 0
  11. MGP Haunts (a.k.a. mgphaunt6)
    Set contains 36 Haunted Mansion themed add-ons.
    Copy entire folder "mgphaunt6" into RCT3 installation directory => Style\Themed

    Author: MGP
    7 0
  12. MGP Futurama
    Contains components for building Futurama's Planet Express HQ building, plus Suicide Booth,
    two 2D cutouts for Planet Express ship and Bender light.
    All Planet Express building components are recolorable.
    Install as usual copying folder "mgpFuturama" into RCT3 installation directory => Style\Themed
    Author: MGP
    4 0
  13. PhiWie's Wasserset (PhiWie's Water Set)
    Contains arches, floor, and wall pieces with recolorable animated shimmering water effects.
    Install as usual into RCT3 installation directory => Style\Themed
    After installation located in "Walls, Roofs and Buildings" under "Wasserset"
    Author: PhiWie
    8 0
  14. Recolorable lighting emitters with 10 different radius sizes:
        2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 20
    Set a.k.a. "Light Set by PhiWie"

    Copy folder "Lightset by PhiWie" into RCT3 installation directory => Style\Themed
    Author: PhiWie
    7 0
  15. Set contains 23 recolorable neon lighting tubes in various angles.

    Copy folder "CSF NLS Lift hill expansion" into RCT3 installation directory => Style\Themed
    Author: CSF (CoasterSimFan)
    14 0
  16. Set contains 54 recolorable neon lighting emitters, 8 strengths/radius, multiple positions.
    Copy folder "CSFNeonLightingSetRecolorableLightingEmitters" into RCT3 installation directory => Style\Themed

    Author: CSF (CoasterSimFan)
    6 0
  17. Set contains various gothic themed roofing pieces, wall and railing pieces,
    stained glass windows in various sizes, forms and patterns, plus few extras.
    None of the pieces are recolorable.
    Copy folder "Coasterfreak-Gothic Walls V2" into Style => Themed
    Author: Coasterfreak
    11 0
  18. Set contains mostly pieces for building the interior of 1980s video game arcade.
     - 28 video arcade game consoles, mostly from 1980s.
        Includes RCT Pinball Machine, two types of fortune teller machines,
        Skee Ball, coin drop machine and two sizes of cash exchange machines.
     - 18 video arcade themed backdrops. Three of these have a partial billboard option built in.
     - 6 carpet pieces. These pieces can also be used as path covers.
     - 1 ceiling piece.
     - 1 triangular shaped small customizable billboard marquee + L-shaped shop counter.

     Copy entire folder "Coasterfreak-VIDEO ARCADE GAMES" as usual into Style => Themed

     Author: Coasterfreak
    16 0
  19. Now you can recreate that small Mexican village with this unique set.
    Originally created by MGP
    17 0
  20. A huge assortment of items for building an Italian cafe including awnings, fancy brick walls, double doors, tables and chairs, and stucco walls. Created by Xistics.
    46 1
  21. Posted by: pierre-louis September 24, 2013, 08:28:05 PM
    Description: Yoshi, it doesn't work, I propose links to recreate the Disneyland Hotel... thank you

    New objects in a new version more realistic of the Disneyland Hotel & Fantasia Garden (Disneyland Paris).
    To recreate the Hotel, use all the CSO in this link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/lryl399g5gxsap5/CSO_DINEYLAND_HOTEL.rar
    and in this another link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/wp9sj395v3vu5wo/Themed.rar
    Copy this file in your pictures/RCT3/pictures : http://www.mediafire.com/download/6u1clau1ukb3pbz/ENTRANCE_SIGN.rar
    Put this link in your documents/RCT3/parks : http://www.mediafire.com/download/agh2m1yxutm5t1g/Parks.rar

    For the water effects, use the NF Particle Effects. The structure of the hotel is not finished, you must put some lighting effects to recreate and finalise the complete structure...

    My work is protected by copyright, thank you use my creations for private use, if you want  to put them on the net, you must ask my permission, thank you. PLT©
    Filesize: 30.37kB
    28 0
  22. A small set with pieces to start building a Temple of the Forbidden Eye-style attraction! To be used with MGP's other temple-themed sets.
    Originally created by MGP
    8 0
  23. A versatile collection of mortars for your water fountains! Both full and half rings with angled versions are included, as well as other unique shapes and designs. Found in the Mortars section of the MixMaster. These will only work with fireworks.
    Originally created by Arknot
    20 0
  24. PMs and BMFs Fountain Construction Box Set Update 1
    Install as usual into Style => Themed.

    Author: PM and BMF/LNS(?)

    PLEASE NOTE: This set is an updated version of "PMs and LNs Fountain Construction Box Set",
    and therefore it cannot be used as replacement for the earlier set,
    because of the differences in file structure and folder names.
    When I found this set, the file structure was broken, causing Sid error & crash,
    because the root folder had been renamed by someone according to the original version,
    "pmsandlnsfountainconstructionboxset", and the root folder in "Themed", for this updated version
    needs to be "PMsandBMFsFountainConstruktionBoxSetUpdate1" (I have already fixed it, so this download works.)
    And just to make the confusion more confusing, this updated set appears in-game as
    28 0
  25. A collection of mortars varying in size, style and firing direction. There are even pathcover mortars! Quarter/center tile placement, auto-rotating. Found in the Mortars section of the MixMaster. 
    Extract to Style/Themed.
    Originally created by ThaaaEftaaaling
    11 0

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