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Sora_92’s Rides Pack 1

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Author: Sora_92

 It’s a set of several ride designs.

None of these are the recreations of real buildings or rides – any similarities with reality is a mere coincidence. Some of them are loosely impressed by real buildings though.

Put them in Documents/RCT3/Coasters

Further information on the building bellow.


Ghost Railway

Scenery sets needed (beside the standard in-game sets): (“with doors” version only)
Station Jim’s Vikings 1

Base Data: type: Haunted Hotel, size:  15(16)x8 squares, possible facing direction: west, north

Ghost Railway is my first (quality…) indoor ride with extensive scenery. Yes, it’s fully designed inside too, not just outside! Sadly, I didn’t knew about Custom Sceneries when I built it, so it uses the standard in-game sceneries, which sadly means it’s very expensive to build (and strangely it charges roughly the double of the price it says for reason unknown by me) but I’m lazy to rebuild it, and IMO, it looks cool as it is. Upgraded it with opening doors ride event later – sadly, they need to set one-by-one manually to the ride part in front of them after you build the ride, but it upgrades its “ghost railway” (or ghost train or whatever) feeling too, IMO.
(Side note: When built, you have to lower it one unit. This is due to the standard in-game scenery floors, I guess.)
While super expensive to build, and doesn’t worth the price financially, it has a nice, somewhat authentic Amusement Park ghost railway feeling to it (or at least, IMO), why I think it worth to be built.


Cave Railway

Scenery sets needed (beside the standard in-game sets): (Upg. version only)
Ralfvieh’s Beaver Homes
Station Jim’s Gift Shopping

Base Data: type: Coaster/Wild Mouse Coaster, size: 19x9 squares, possible facing direction: east, south (standard version), all directions (Upg. version)

Somewhat the spiritual cousin of Ghost Railway – in the sense too, of I created it before learning about Custom Sceneries – Cave Railway is another expensive, but somewhat cool indoor ride. It’s inspired/impressed by the “Vihar Vasút” (“Thunder Railway”) of the Vidámpark, (and not the “Barlang Vasút” which means literally “Cave Railway” but was a fairytale themed indoor ride) but it doesn’t really resembles it. While technically a coaster, it more like something like a big indoor ride, it’s themed as a cave. Since it’s built of terrain blocks, you have to manually “paint” it to look like stone, but that’s not too difficult, IMO.
Similarly to Ghost Railway, it seems to charge double of the written price when built, for unknown reason by me, but unlike Ghost Railway, it actually has a chance to bring back the price eventually.
The upgraded version needs a few Custom Sceneries, but is more versatile, although the only one changed is the entrance area, I think.
It can be cleverly paired with the Wallside Drinks Buffet which is originally designed to be at the… guess what? Wallside of the Cave Railway.


Scenery sets needed (beside the standard in-game sets):
Ralfvieh’s Beaver Homes
Ralfvieh’s Russian Woods
Shy Circus Center Set 3
Vodhin’s Girder ‘n Glass
Station Jim’s Random Things

Base Data: type: Coaster/Wooden Roller Coaster, size: pretty big, possible facing direction: south, east
While not a very special coaster, I include it in this pack because it’s referred in the restaurants pack, so in case if anyone is curious, this is the referred “Colossus”.
(Side note: When you’re placing it, you have to raise it one unit.)


Scenery sets needed (beside the standard in-game sets):
Atlantis Extras
Atlantis Vaulting
Ralfvieh’s Antique World
Ralfvieh’s Beaver Homes
Station Jim’s Furnishing
SK-Canopy 101

Base Data: type: Coaster/Pipeline Coaster, size: 23x15 squares, possible facing direction: east, south
An Atlantis themed Pipeline coaster, while the somewhat sterile-looking, angular building isn’t that pleasant a sight, the coaster, and the fact that it disappears and reappears again from the various apertures of the building gives it an interesting look, if the surrounding area isn’t too sterile, it might looks good too. Named after the legendary crimson-red ore that can be found only in Atlantis according to the stories, hence the red color.
It also naturally Equipped with Orichalc Buffet on the top of the first floor – this has both the function of a buffet, but also, because without it, the first floor terrace would look awfully plain, IMO.
Like with Orichalc Buffet, we can only hope, it won’t sink anytime soon. But look at the water’s reflection in the shafts of the first floor terrace… i… it supposed to be filled with water, right? Right?! …Scary…


Ancient Water Temple Adventure (AKA Pseudo Ayuthay)
Scenery sets needed (beside the standard in-game sets):
Indiana Jones Ride
Ralfvieh’s Beaver Homes
Ralfvieh’s Antique World
Ralfvieh’s Fountains
Station Jim’s Random Things

Base Data: type: Coaster/River Rapids, size: 23x19 squares, possible facing direction: south, east
To be honest, I’m conflicted for more than one reasons whether to share this, or not, but I decided to do. Ancient Water Temple Adventure is a River Rapids that uses mostly the Indiana Jones set – which has huge pieces naturally, so the whole temple is made only about 10-20 scenery pieces, so it’s not much of a challenge to build similar, anyone can build something similar. It seems the Indiana Jones set may crashes the game when you put down new pieces, this ride as-it-is however doesn’t crashes the game, I tested it in many parks.
Designed kinda after parts of the city of Ayuthay in the game “Golden Sun – Dark Dawn”, but it’s not very similar, for example neither in colors (sadly it can’t be re-colored). On the other hand, since all the pieces of the Indiana Jones set are loudspeakers, you can set more to play some music – Maybe Ayuthay’s theme? – that way, that it can be heard anywhere on the ride, not only around the station. You can put some fanart of prince Amiti on the billboard or something. Seriously, he’s kind of cute.
If set to try to resemble Ayuthay more with music and stuff, IMO, this ride has a somewhat unique, graceful air to it, not very common with common River Rapids…
Of course, can’t reach the beauty and the feeling of the real in-game city.
(Side note: somewhat graphic heavy, might causes lower end computers to lag)


Prince Rescue (AKA Prince Tower)
Scenery sets needed (beside the standard in-game sets):
Ralfvieh’s Medieval 1-2
Periculum 3
Shy Circus Center Set 3
A-Goodies for Coaster set, flat part

Base Data: type: Coaster/Spiral Coaster, size: 25x13 squares, possible facing direction: all directions
Listen, let me tell you the tale of a knight in shiny armor. – Said the old storyteller. – This knight in question stood in this very tavern where we are now. Around that time, it was told, a prince was locked in the nearby tower. Many knights tried to save him, but all of them failed… Our knight too, decided to try to save the prince, so climbed up the countless stairs of the high tower… only to fail, fighting the many dangers of the tower, and fall, just before the top. However our knight didn’t died of the fall, and tried again, and again, meeting fellow knights on the way. But failed again and again, couldn’t reach even the height reached before. However, upon traveling, the knight met a little mouse, asking for food. The knight, gave the mouse food, who, in return told about a steed, that can fly, if fed with charcoal. The knight, riding this horse, flied up the top room of the tower, snatched away the cute prince before the monsters could react, and safely landed with him nearby this tavern. They may or may not held a large wedding, and lived happily ever after.
Prince Rescue is a coaster with such a fairy tale theme. Of course, it’s not a real fairy tale, it’s just something I came up with regarding the coaster on a whim. Ah, whether the knight is a girl or a boy, I leave it to whatever you prefer to ship the prince with.
You supposed to add some picture to the billboards of whatever cute prince you would imagine locked in the tower.
Of course, if you prefer a more standard similar story with a princess, you can rename the ride and put cute princesses’ pictures on the billboards.


Adventure of the Museum Mudfish
Scenery sets needed (beside the standard in-game sets):
Ralfvieh’s Antique World
Ralfvieh’s Beaver Homes
Shy Circus Center Set 3
Cafeen’s Letters - Wall Mounted – Arial
Station Jim’s Furnishing
Station Jim’s Hotel Things
Station Jim’s Random Things
RctAdam’s Inventions

Base Data: type: Coaster/Looping Roller Coaster, size: 21x15 squares, possible facing direction: all directions
The Mudfish of the Museum of Natural Sciences got bored of its aquarium, and decided to leave and go on a little adventure.
Adventure of the Museum Mudfish is a not-looping looping roller coaster – hehe. The coaster itself not that interesting, but it has a somewhat unique station building, designed to look like a small museum. Building the path is a bit tricky though… You can also equip the museum building with two Custom Vendors (supposed to sell some kind of souvenirs, like museums often do) and one Individual WC on the ground floor.
(Side note: for some reason, this is also not wants to listen, this too, if you build it, you have to lower it with one unit.)

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