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Track Layouts

All saved track layouts for coasters for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

112 files

  1. This is a Recreation of the Defunct Deluge at Kentucky Kingdom from 2008-2021 it is the first Water Slide recreation on this site and no cs is not included
    enjoy this recreation.
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  2. Completely Atlantis -themed Reverse Coaster. No CS required.
    This was originally just an exercise and test for trying to create a fully themed concept for almost entirely closed tracked ride.
    I recommend running this in darkness as a "dark ride".
    Hope this will be useful for someone.
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  3. a no cs recreation of wild mouse at cedar point
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  4. Author: StationJimJr
    Hurricane Phase I
    Hurricane is a smooth, high speed ride based on the Florida's most notorious storm. It's the first project ever uploaded by Rollerworks.

    The Hurricane download is a .zip file. It includes the park file, images, and a readme. The readme tells you everything on how to install, the custom scenery requirements, and the custom tracked ride requirements.

    Hurricane - Invent Amusements - 2009
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  5. Author: lewismckenziecawthorne
    One of my first projects, this coaster is a simple Arrow Corkscrew. A CS list is included in the zip.
    Posted July 11, 2009, 06:13:48 AM
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  6. Author: coasterfrk12
    steel jungle v1.3 gadgets coaster goodies ATH catwalks vodhins vermont theme shyguys canifish cove set bigburgers timber dasmatze' covers and more vodhind lighting kit DRP's lights dasmatze' utilities SK-SHR91 enjoy your ride
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  7. Author: Mike14
     This is the 2nd version of my stealth recreation (the first was before i got an acount here) Cs needed: -Pumper Steelworks (Jcat) -Hanger71 -Ath catwalks -SPACEMTNMAN's stealth entrence -Soaked and Wild (i think) pls ratethis.
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  8. Author: Unknown
    This is one of many classic Vekoma/Arrow Corkscrews to be released in one set. This is being released as a beta test for the set. It is a custom Arrow Corkscrew. Enjoy!
    NOTE: I found that painting this coaster blue tends to reduce lag. Not sure why, it just does. If you have lag problems, I'd 
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  9. Author: StationJimJr
    iSkate is a halfpipe coaster that brings music and skating together in a rockin' high-tech attraction.  So sit down, strap in, and get ready to rock your ride!

    The iSkate download is a .zip file.  It includes the track file, images, and a readme.  The readme tells you everything on how to install and the custom scenery requirements.

    iSkate - Invent Amusements - 2010
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  10. Author: mgmeo13
    CraZ Coasters Amusements ride-makers  presents...
    The Cheese-A-Torium!

    This is not just the cheesy carnival  wild  mouse coaster, but a  WILD spinning ride, available to be put in any park, as long as you give credit.  Just download and enjoy.  Please read the  readme!
    Note: This  ride  requires Jcat's Mouseworx.  You can get Mouseworx here:
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  11. Author: bt274hy
    this is my first remake and if its not good well sorry
    shyguys circus center 1&2
    jcats steelworx
    gadget coaster goodies
    woutys ttd station
    hotroddudes extras
    ralphvieh mc donuts
     some things you have to put in place yourself
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  12. Author: Unknown
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  13. Author: scooter
    Place the .dat file into the parks folder as usual.
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  14. Author: deltaboy1
    We present to you, Storm Fury which is a Hershy's StormRunner. The track is painted Blue & White With White Supports. Please Read the read me for more information  :D

    Excitement Raiting: 6.11 (High)
    Intensity Raiting: 5.58 (High)
    Nausea Raiting 4.51 (Medium)
    I can't do POV As my computer starts to lag  >:( If anyone knows how i can fix this please comment!
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  15. Here the new saved ride! 
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  16. Author: Custom Maker
    This is NEW! coaster,, not ctr
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  17. Author: Custom Maker
    Here one new coaster: Pepsi Max Big two
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  18. Author: Speedy
    This is a hyper roller coaster type called SoundWave. It is, I think, my sixth coaster. Please vote for this after looking at the photos.
    Story: A coaster by the name of Menace played strong music, throughout the land a thrumming could be heard, thus creating a rival coaster, The Sound-Wave a Hyper coaster, making you ride a series of “sound waves” forwards AND backwards.
    This WAS going to be called Fibre-Optic, with red track but I couldn’t find a way to “encase” the rise-fall parts in glass walls.
    Excitement- 5.67 (High)
    Intensity- 5.20 (High)
    Nausea- 2.16 (Low)
    CS Needed:
    Jcat’s Pumper-SteelWorx - http://rctgo.net/downloads/view/2848
    rct3 master coaster stuff - (Not too sure)
    Rocket99sB&M Addon - (Not too sure)
    DasMatze_Utilities - http://www.rct-3.org/files/index.php?page=Entry&entryID=125
    INCASE OF ERROR: Incase “Pumper-SteelWorx’s” supports do not show up upon download, footers have been placed, set the supports’ colour to Orange, place over footer and extend till they “touch” the coasters track.
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  19. Author: adam
    This is my take on the Goliath roller coaster in SixFlags Over Georgia USA.
    I would like to thank all that has CSOs in here and thanks to B&M for the coaster.
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  20. Author: bzjr68
    Fire & Ice are dueling corkscrew coasters, there are no bells & whistles here. This download is the ride itself, you build the station, you add accessories, and scenery.
    CTR needed:
    Maylene's Classic Corkscrew
    Just place the downloaded .dat file into your RCT3 park folder & enjoy  !!  
     FIRE                                                                         ICE
     Excitement Rating: 14.12 (Ultra-Extreme)                     Excitement Rating: 14.19 (Ultra-Extreme)  
     Intensity Rating:      4.45 (Medium)                              Intensity Rating:      4.64 (Medium)
     Nausea Rating:        2.61 (Medium)                              Nausea Rating:         2.71 (Medium)  
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  21. Author: -P3-
    Raptor based off of the ride at Cedar Point.
    I have included a list of CSOs as well as the park file, images, and a read-me in the download.
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  22. Author: -P3-
     Based off of the Ride at Cedar Point.
    I have included a list of CSOs as well as the park file, images, and a read-me in the download.
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  23. Author: -P3-
     For all you Cedar Point Fans I give you CorkScrew.  
    (Download contains cs list and images along with the ride)
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  24. Author: -P3-
     For all you Cedar Point fans I give you Wicked Twister.
    (Download contains cs list, images and the ride)
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  25. Author: jakecallan
    The full layout and supports is now available to download, just click the picture and save the file into My DocumentsRCT3Parks, to see how smooth this thing actually runs.
    The CS sets you will need:
    -Webers Aged Footers
    -Mobys Steel Jungle
    -Coster Freaks Support Connectors
    -Ark Angle LIMS
    -ATH Catwalks
    CTR's you will need:
    -Techno Dudes Intamin Blitz Car
    Enjoy the ride!
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