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Puppet City

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About This File

Thought to design a city using as many of the buildings I created as possible. Or something... Some of the building are designed there. And... some I started designing there, like Neoclassical #5, but finished in another map - so, you can see it unfinished there, if you have patience to delete the unfinished, you could replace it with the finished one.

Named so, because it's not real. The real buildings, and real cities are of course, much more beautiful, and much more... real.

It's, in every sense, an unfinished map. But this computer isn't the fastest and it lags so much with this many objects on map, that it's too annoying, so kinda given up on finishing it. But thought, if build most of it, might as well upload this one too.

This is also a showscase of some of the buildings - as intended to - and some stuff like some ways to build them. E.g. "the 3 siblings" (neoclassical #2, #3 and #4) who can be seen usually next to each other. Or how to place the shops meant to be on the ground floor of buildings. Or such.

You could finish building the city to your liking. Buildings to add to the empty lots... I thought about stuff like a small hospital (in the lot next to the factory, in front of the school), with maybe a marketplace next or something. and something to the large empty lot next to the mountain, like a swimming pool or museum or a hotel or something. other things can be added too, e.g. different shops, like grocery store and whatnot. And of course, more plants. And benches, trash cans, parking lots, bus stops, finishing the tram track and stuff... oh, well...
Adding shops (and replacing the placeholder "custom shops" with custom vendors in the ice cream shop and the boutique)
The 3 Restaurants (Huszár Terasz, Café Gothloli, and The Lucky Dragon (x3)) have no path under, that should be placed too, if it wouldn't be such a pain to delete the tables and then place new ones once the path is in place...
The climate is temporarily set to desert due to it's more difficult to design when there are heavy rains and stuff, it could be set to temperate again or anything.

Ah, and, I left about 1/3 of the map empty where you can build an amusement park to your liking. (can use some more of the buidings I designed too... ahaha, nah, just if you want XD)

Ralfvieh’s Beaver Homes
Ralfvieh’s Antique World
Ralfvieh’s East Asia
Ralfvieh’s Medieval 1-2
Ralfvieh’s New Castle 1-2
Ralfvieh’s Russian Woods
Ralfvieh’s Streets
Ralfvieh’s Sci-fi
Ralfvieh’s American Diner
Ralfvieh’s Clockwork
Ralfvieh’s Pathcover

Station Jim’s Furnishing
Station Jim’s Gardening
Station Jim’s Gift Shopping
Station Jim’s Hotel Things
Station Jim’s Midway Things
Station Jim’s Random Things
Station Jim’s Sci-fi Things

Mr. Sion’s Tiki bar
Mr. Sion’s Snack Shop

Das Matze’s Industry Age – Objects
Das Matze’s Mc Connery’s Fast Food Set

Asia wall set 01 (RCT - Spanky and Belgabor)
Atlantis Extras
Atlantis Vaulting
Cafeen’s Letters - Wall Mounted – Arial
Cafeen’s Letters – Arial
Captain’s Aviaries
Coco’s Euro Main Street – Building Set

Fisherman’s Enchanted Forest (Mallorn Terrace only)
Kiotho – In Medieval Times!
MEG LOTR CSO (Mallorn Terrace only)
Matt9537’s Ruined Mine Set 1 (Baba Yaga’s Hut only)
Periculum 3
RctAdam’s Inventions
Ropes by Elch (Mallorn Terrace only)
SK-Canopy 101
Vodhin’s Girder ‘n Glass
Shy Circus Center Set 3

Aces Countertop Pack
FD7 and Pat Safety Set
LoneWolf’s Lights and Alarms
Wetterhahn (Baba Yaga’s Hut only)
Additionally, these are needed as well!
Ralfvieh’s Hall
Station Jim’s Pirate Things
Station Jim’s Exhibition
Romana Asmosia
Flags by JMAinAZ (recolorable)
Museum 2
Ice – “Make Ya Own Logo” Shop
TM’s Factory Set
Terraform’s Bells
jhnshm – Time For Dinner!
Bulldog2092 Camping Accessories
Asian Sensations
Ornamental Trees II
Ralfvieh’s Pathcover
Spice’s Bushes
Callum’s Church Stuff (possible)
Coco’s Euro Main Street – Building Set (possible)
K2K26&Advanced Camping Set
MGP Concessions
Matt 9537s Ruined it Roofs
Matt 9537s Ruined it Walls
Miscallaneus Objects 2
Misteris Road Set 1 (or 2?)
NYR Stadium Seating 1 - 2
Osudenny Restaurant Signs and Shops Pack (Neoclassic Ap. 1 upg. only)
Ralfvieh’s Fountains
Ralfvieh’s Streets
Spanky’s World
Station Jim’s Chapel 1- 2
T4L fences and more
Annubislive Signs and Poles
Brandenburg Gate
Das Matze’s Tram Accessories
LR - Athletics
Old Spice’s Construction Set
Strassenset 4
Custom Vendors
Individual WC
Das Matze’s Tram

Ah, and one more thing. If you decide to continue building the city, I would be curious of it - AKA, show some screenshots in comments please~
Also, any other screenshots of the buildings already there... like, I would be curious how the lake with the Basilica would look like, if it has reflection too (sadly this computer can't do that...)

Author: Sora_92


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