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All park files for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

194 files

  1. A old Cedar fair Park that closed in 2007  cs list in read me and cs that are not on the list to add
    1. Ralfvieh's fountains.
    2. Arrow Corkscrew
    3. Samba Balloon
    ImagineerJohn's Hopper
    And BigBurger's Timber
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  2. This Is a Reupload from Rctgo made by nathan8848 and this is the 2015 version of the park.
    Here is the list of CS that you will need:
    Classic Corkscrew
    Flying Carousel (CFH Rides)
    Samba Balloon (CFH Rides)
    Troika (Patrick)
    Imagineer Johns Spring Rides
    Red Baron (CFH Rides)
    Roda- Panoramica (Steel Rides)
    BiranJuh94's Fences
    CTRS' - Aqualander Set
    ATH Catwalk Set
    Moby's Steel Jungle V1
    SK Canopy 101
    Safari J's Arrow Pack
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  3. A set of park files in the following themes, assembled by Belotto33:
    Arabian, Safari, Beach, Main Street, Asian
    These are park files: the .dat files need to go into your Documents/RCT3/Parks folder.
    Not all required custom scenery may be available at this time. These park files may not stable on your system! Use at your own risk; your mileage may vary.
    Master CS List WIP
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  4. A set of park files in the following themes, assembled by Belotto33:
    Western, Jurassic, Egypt, Pirate, Medieval
    These are park files: the .dat files need to go into your Documents/RCT3/Parks folder.
    Not all required custom scenery may be available at this time. These park files may not stable on your system! Use at your own risk; your mileage may vary.
    Master CS List WIP
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  5. this is a very accurate recreation of Dorney Park in AllenTown PA and this park was made by:hockeyguy22229 from rctgo
    here are the list of cs that you will need:
    -ATHCatwalk and Accessories set
    -BigBurger's Timber 2.0
    -DasMatze_Invisible Entrance
    -Gadget's Coaster Goodies
    -Moby's Steel Jungle V1 and V2
    -NYRBox Supports
    -pteri Tunnel pack
    -Jcat's Pumper Steelworx
    -shy-Rock Set
    (the only CFR that you Need is Imagineer Johns hopper)
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  6. this is a Fictional Six Flags Park located in Chardon Ohio
    here our the CS that I used
    Gadget's Drop Tower
    FC Star Flyer
    Cinipaes Pinfari CT
    Cinipaes Arrow Corkscrew
    FC Invert and Attica Hyper Coaster
    CFH Rides Samba Balloon and Reverse Freefall coaster
    Coasterinc's Intamin Impulse CT
    A station Cs pack that i do not remember the name
    so enjoy the park.
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  7. Not my recreation; made by Rexar4living. Was hosted on Realtycoon3.
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  8. this was taken from Rctgo by Rct3Players and it is really good and a lot of CS.
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  9. Wonderland Resort is a work in progress, but a great start! This download requires Caederus Drehkreuz Set 1.7, both Shy Guys Circus Center Sets, The B&M Florless CTR, 182470's Station Set V.2, And SK-SHR91. Sorry for no pics. Enjoy!
    Author: SpaceMountain76
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  10. This is a building pack I decided to create to save time while working on a rock and roll/adventure themed park. It contains floor covers and the actual buildings. Here is a list of neccesary CS, sorry there is a lot.
    Das Matze's Covers & More - Extremely Important
    Shy Guy's Circus Center Set - Highly Important
    SK's Canopy 101 Set - Important
    SK's Hanger 51 Set - Extremely Important
    SK's Hanger 71 Set - Extremely Important
    All other information is located in the readme. This is a regular zip file.
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  11. CS Neaded
    JackyX - Turnstyles Fences & Railings v1.2 Belgabor`s Invisible Doodads V1 Paths Covers And Train Tracks! ATH Catwalk & Coaster Accessories v1.2 Baffies Stations RCT3 Vanilla`s Glass Walls v2.1 Standard colered walls Instructions
    Make sure Belgabor`s Invisible Doodads V1 is downloaded and installed right!!!!
    place the building where you want. The large pathed are is the entrance. The coaster you make will ethier need two stations in the shown area or move the exit. Go into Que paths and use Belgabor`s Invisible Doodads V1 path (O picture) and follow the path, follow the rails.
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  12. The cinema complex from Rossland Adventure Park.
    There is enough space in the complex for 2 3D complexes
    Created by gio85.
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  13. A prebuilt ride station of Oblivion at Alton Towers.
     :excl: You will need some CS:
    snakedoc227's Oblivion Station Kit
    Although the link, I'm not sure were this download could be (because it was on Vodhin.org which is closed now.  :facepalm:)
    You may post this structure as long as you aqquire permission FROM ME!!! 💶
    Created by Coasterboy.
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  14. This is my 1st custom building that you can download from me  ;)  This is a shopping mall that I made that has 2 floors, the 1st floor is the food court and the 2nd has all of the stores.  This requires both soaked! and Wild! expansion packs to run or if you have rct3 platinum.  Please make sure you read the readme prior to downloading because there is a list of custom scenery you need to have installed prior to running this file.
    Enjoy! Created by trainman0425.
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  15. Hello All Decides To Do A Custom Structure For djf's Medium Ferris Wheel CFR..
    It Is Very Generic Themed But Can Be Changed And Colored To Suit Any Theme..
    Installation Instructions And CS List Are In the Readme
    Created by ApocalypseProductions.
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  16. A mock exchange floor for demonstrating proper use of the SGWX Floor
    Major CS creators used:
    Secondary CS sets:
    CJ's Intamin Supports
    Pat's Hout
    Weber's Path Enhancement
    Theiry's Postlamps & Banners Main Street USA
    Theiry's Phantom Manor Disneyland Paris
    Vodhin's Lighting Kit 2008
    NYR's Concrete Walls
    Created by CTRSind.
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  17. Created by beetlejuice801.
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  18. Pack One Of My Ride Scenery Structures Pack...
    List Of Necessary CS is Included In The Readme
    This Pack Includes
    Ferris Wheel Addon V.2
    Magic Addon
    Carousel Building
    Discus Addon
    Greentree Addon (As A Bonus For You Guys)
    Tilt Building And Roof
    Crazy Bus Addon
    Please Report Any Problems To Me And Keep Your Eye Out For My Next Pack
    Thanks For Looking And Downloading. Created by ApocalypseProductions
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  19. A static structure designed to look like the actual ride.  
    CS Required:
    -Moby's Steel Jungle
    -Moby's Glasswork
    -Ralfvieh's Warehouse set
    -GRP B&M Catwalks
    -CSF Steel I-Beam Set
    -CPisco's Steel Jungle Add-On
    -CPisco's B&M Footers

    WARNING: This a very detailed structure, it may not be too friendly on your game.  It is actually why I had to remove it from Fisher Park.
    **Note: I took inspiration (with permission) from iOS, he deserves some credit for the inspiration for this structure.
    Created by Tomes1225.
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  20. This is a basic 29 x 29 building that can be modified and used for small indoor theme parks, water parks, or anything else you might want.  It is a basic design and I have used it in several of my parks.  To install, move the DAT file to My DocumentsRCT3Structures.  It requires the Soaked expansion pack to work.
    Created by Mikekart17.
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  21. Ralfvieh Outside, Weber Inside. Just Add Paths & Stalls to this complete structure. Created by WWAL.
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  22. Ralfvieh's Beaver Homes CS needed for this corner house. Back porch lines up with square grids so you can add a path up the steps & add a stall. Created by WWAL.
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  23. These 6 Beaver Homes are Ralfvieh inspired based on the pictures from his website. There is also a detached garage. The only scenery needed is Ralfvieh Beaver Homes 2010. Wherever you see French or double doors they line up for paths & queues. Created by WWAL.
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  24. WWAL-Main St. Bldgs. Set 01
    Custom Scenery Used:
    Callum-Church Stuff
    Moby-X Railing
    Ralfvieh-New Castle Walls
    Ralfvieh-Arabian Nights
    RCTAdam’s Birthday Manor
    Shevek-Floor Blast Stucco
    Shyguy-Alpine Village Sets 1-6
    Shyguy-Mainstreet Sets 1-9
    StationJimJr-Chapel Bldg Sets 1-3
    StationJimJr-Gift Shopping
    Vodhin-Emerald City Of Oz (Spec Ed)
    Zero G’s Things
    Disclaimer: All buildings were made from scratch. Any building or element resembling anyone else’s work is purely coincidental.
    There should be 10 structures. I hope you enjoy them. Created by WWAL.
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  25. A Field For "The Fastest Game on Two Feet"
    A very detailed lacrosse field for your theme park, city, or any of your RCT3 designs. This field comes with all of the field markings including the faceoff box, both midfield line and the wings, the restraining line and restraining box, goalie crease, substitution box, coach's area, and the penalty box. It also includes a surrounding of fence with space between boundary lines and the fence. There is also a score board (4x1) and two billboards beneath (2x1).  Also included is a player box for each side with benches and is divided with the scorer's table.
    CS Needed:
    Moby's Steel Jungle Shyguy's Circus Center 1,2,3 SK-SHR91 DasMatze Covers and More Doughnut's Railings Sion's Snack Shop Created by Klxtch.
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