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My love-hate relationship with RCT3 continued for another map, it seems. Well, certainly it can be very frustrating, but let's put that aside for a bit, although I probably will stop playing the game, again. If you seen - maybe even downloaded my previous "puppet city" map, well, this one is similar.
However, this time, I put a lot more effort in it, carefully doing tons of measures, and instead placing my pre-made buildings right away, put "placeholders" for them, so I can design with minimal lag. The test was a success, but I guess my attention span is just too short to do all sort of monotone details that I can't really pre-make into sets of bigger elements (e.g. 2x5 units of road, instead of placing everything one-by-one) so things like lamps are something I barely placed. It's not very amusing to put down one million steet lamps on a map...

And of course, the other focus was - beside designing a new city with better layout, - to build some more, new buildings too. in the end, I made only a very few though. 2 of them (although not optimalised) I placed in the rar file along with the map, they're a Roman museum and a small hospital. I also did some new metro stations and a few other stuff you can see in the city, but due to it's kind of a pain to optimalise them, didn't included them separately.

And I kinda run out of ideas and energy to continue designing a more and more laggy city...
I tried running a test, to see how it would look like with the buildings placed where they should be, but even after several tries my game just crashed. Maybe it's too graphic intensive for my toaster... - on a side note, yeah, it probably causes lower end computers to lag XD

If you interested creating the new, remade puppet city I thought of, you could place the buildings in the places where they should be. Every pre-made buildings can be found in my earlier sets. (there are some placeholders though that are indicating nonexistent buildings I thought to design, but run out of idea and stuff.) The writing there should indicate what goes there. Numbers represent apartments. Black numbers are panel, white numbers are neoclassical, and the number itself indicates which building out of the "family". In nearly all cases the decorated version (except if something's in the way of it, like in the case of the number 1 panel apartments near the northern "HÉV" station) and in case if there are more variants chose whichever you would like (although, in case of the number 1 neoclassical, planned the version with shops on the squares (near the metro stations) and the 3nd one further to be the rooftop terrace variant)) Text might be a bit more tricky, since I just written Hungarian, (For example "Kínai" (Chinese) stands for "The Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant") but most of them are probably obvious even that way. There are also some halfmade stuff, like the marketplace buildings and 2,5 metro stations out of the 4, you can finish them to your like or anything.

As for the new standalone buildings (they're in the map too though), the museum - as well as the ruins on the map were insipred by Aquincum, and the small hospital based on the hospital in the district where I live in Budapest.

Ah, yes, to list sets that are needed...

ASK (Advanced Standard Rail)
Das Matze's trams
Das Matze's Park Jet
Hedge Maze

Shops and facilities:
Custom Vendors
Individual WC

Old Spice's path set
Glass treppe

Scenery (naturally, needs all sets that the previous sets (like restaurants and other buildings) need as well.(!!!)
Listing some here that might weren't necessary for the others, but needed here.
Asian Sensations
CTRS's Path 1&2
Eletigna New Street Elements
Ralfvieh's Pathcover
Spanky's hedges and topiaries
Spice's bushes
Spice's Vegatation set
Station Jim's gardening 1 & 2.5
Station Jim's pirates

Safety Set
Compresseed Air Rusty roads speedway kit
Kirmes Führpark set 3 (not sure)
Matt9537s ruined warehouse exterior scenery
Matt 9537s Ruined it walls & roofs (not sure about roofs)
Medieval conquest Ravern, Butchery, Bakery, Pottery, Stables, Mine and Stonecutter
Revolutions People
Trolley Track
Trolley Wires
Zero G's things
Vodhin's bench kit
HB's car park bitz (not sure)
construction equipment
Kiotho in medieval times
Madox 61's roadsigns
Odds and Ends
Old Spice's construction set
Spice's old market set
Strassenset 4
Vodhin's light kit
Zebrastreifen (Strassenset V.3)
Cars (not sure)

also, note:
put to Documents/RCT3/Start New Scenarios

If you are interested doing the "puzzle" of placing the building to the placeholders (and also if you design the missing buildings) I would be kinda interested in seeing some screenshots (in comments or something)

Author: Sora_92

Edited by Knight Rider

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