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All CTRs and In-Game Cars on all Tracks

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This download includes CTRs on almost every track in-game! THESE DO NOT INCLUDE THE CARS THEMSELVES! These CTRs have various start options for flexible use. And they even have custom icons! And if you don't have almost every CTR in existence, that's OK,  it won't crash your game!  The game will ignore un-known car names, only picking up cars that you have!

Check this thread for more info...http://www.shyguysworld.com/Archive/index.php?topic=4559.0
Install each CTR Folder into RollerCoaster Tycoon 3/tracks/Trackedrides.

These CTRs include:

My 1st Gen Looper, Airshow, Magnum XL-200 Trains, PMBO, Arrow Wood/Steel Hybrid, Rocket Rider, Space Diver, Blitz Cars, 2nd Gen Eurofighter Cars,
Lapper and I's B&M 2 Seaters
Red_October's A10, F-117A, Longsword, Junior Rokket, Tau Skimmer,
RR's Revolutionary Rapids, Classic Trams,
xIWDYAx's Floorless Revamp, 16 Seater Floorless Spinner, Terra Coaster Cars,
iJohn's Battle Galleon, Expedition Grizzly, S-Car, X-Cars,
The Blue Dragon CTR (I forgot the creator)
Brandon's Corkscrew Revamps, Log Mine, B&M Floorless, B&M Sitdown,
RCTMan12's Revamp Set, BTMRR, Matterhorn, Generic Wing Rider,
TCM's B&M Sitdown, Sky Rocket
PB&J's Miner, Flume Logs,
Advanced Rides Colorado Adventure, Grand Canyon Bahn, X-Coaster, Inverter, Lynet, Floss Battle, Speed Racer,
All of Dazmatze's CTRs
Weber's Drop Zone, El Loco, Detox Spinner, Camera Car, Dive Machines, EVO-X, Halo Ghost, Intamin Gigas, Maglev, Kiddie Coaster, Pimped Hog, Candy Cane Express,
Luigi's Escape Pod, Fighter Jet, and Space Shuttles
Azzanderz Mine Cart, Intamin Looper,
Adam_Thorpe's Intamin Accelerator
DH's 8 Seat Floorless Spinner, 2nd Gem B&M Hyper
CoasterFreak90's Floorless Rafting, Mega Coaster, Wood Spinner, Maurer Spinner, Griffon, Expedition Everest, Galleon,
Changer098's Formula One, Formula Two, Formula Three,
Fechu's Nimbus 2000, Paraglider,
Friendship Boat (forgot creator)
T4L's Hover Speeder, Future Wild Mouse, Inverted Dive Machine,  Space Mountain,
Krypt's Giovanola Hyper Revamp, Kiddie Coaster Trains, Vekoma Looper, LIM Revamp, Texas Giant Cars, Wooden Coaster Revamps, Maglev,
Italy Gondola (forgot creator)
BTTFKing's Hoverboard
JDrowland's Invisible Car
LoneWolf's Jurassic Park River Adventure
Krata's Saw the Ride Car
MGP's Shopping Carts
Mennoo's Intamin Boat Trip, Hollander, MK-700 & MK-900 Cars,
Old Spice's Bullet Coaster Cars, Shiekra,
Ody's Bobslee
RCD Inc.'s Float Ride, Road Train,
Gadget's Rock N Roller Coaster, Vekoma Smooth, Wooden Reloaded, SMM2, SMFTETTM,
1-23456's Roller Skater, Kiddie Coaster, Wooden Coaster Cars,
Sinbad's Fata Morgana Boot,
RCTMike's Sky Car
CruseShipFan's Peril Mine Carts,
Tycoon_Coaster's Mini Express Trains
u-Bahn Train (forgot creator)
Most of Vodhin's CTRs (some crashed the game)
Wonderplein Gondos and Oudetuf (forgot creator)
All CTRs in the EP Add-On
Station Jim's Ghost Train, Ghost Bus Tours, Ghost Ship
SampleRocker's ECTO 4000, Dynamite, Van Helsing Car Factory, Time Riders, Police Car, Marble Ball, Eagle Rider, Night Raver Truck, Drifting Karts, Hot Air Balloon,
Scoaster's Gateriders
MrPark's Robot Car
Mazzer's Chairlifts
AND MORE (it's hard to list them all  )

And most in-game cars!

And all of these are on:
Safari Transport
Safari Train
Side Friction
Log Flume
Mine Train
Powered Mine
Wild Mouse
Launched FreeFall
Virginia Reel
Water Coaster
Wooden Wild Mine
Hop-On Hop-Off Trams
Tower Coaster
Sea Serpent Shuttle
Invisible Track
Thrill Lift
Mini Railroad
Soap Box Derby Racer
Elephant Transport
Giant Flume
H2O Slide Bowl
Air Powered
Haunted Mansion
Quad Racer
River Rapid
Rotating Tower
Half Pipe
White Water Rapids
Guided Tour Race
Guided Tour Concrete
Guided Tour Rail
Guided Tour Wood
Raceway 2 Lanes
EP Whale Adventures
EP Water Canel
EP Euro Sat
EP Euro Mir
Monorail CT
Junior Boomerang

Originally created by Techno_Dude

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