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All park files for Planet Coaster.

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  1. Here's my park recreation of Old Indiana Fun Park at Thorntown, Indiana. This amusement park operated from 1983 to 1996.
    This park closed on August 11, 1996, due to an accident that happened miniature train ride.
    Here's a link that you need to add before you start viewing this: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/4jpov7butjrmxmjwoav3m/Old-Indiana-Fun-Park-logo-Billboard.png?rlkey=fzpm67ojn3v3wjklfd
    The logo billboard goes to the UserMedia folder.
  2. This is for you if you missed out on a trip to Baton Rouge's small amusement park Fun Fair Park as a kid.

    This park recreation features coasters like, The Wild Mouse, and Galaxi.
  3. This is my park recreation of Fun 'N Wheels in Orlando, FL. Long before Fun Spot America, there was Fun 'N Wheels. There are 2 Go-Karts rides and a Wild Mouse coaster named "The Black Hole".

    Here's a link that you need to add before you started viewing this:
    The logo goes to the UserMedia folder.
    and Truck Horn for the Black Hole coaster goes to the UserMusic folder.
    If you have a plan to showcase this and have a plan to record this, credit me.
  4. Here's a park recreation of Brean Leisure Park from 1995.
    Link of those signs of David Pickstone's Wild Mouse:
    Sign 1: https://imgur.com/PZdotZ6
    Sign 2: https://imgur.com/WC7fvJS
    If you make a video about showcasing this, credit me.
  5. a small Six Flags park 
    you need 
    Krypt's Wooden Ctr and Space Shot Cfr
    Cinipeas Superman and Batman CT
    Medium Ferris Wheel cfr
    Francescoaster's Star Flyer and Sanfiizao CT
    Gadget's Coaster Goodies
    Coasterinc's Shuttle Loop CT 
    Rctk1 Pandemonium CT
    so enjoy
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  6. Come on down and visit Silver Mountain Park! Built in a beautiful mountainous region in Northern California.
    Custom Media files: 
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  7. In among the hills you will find Evergreen Hills Park! Take a ride on the easy going monorail for a tour around the park or if time travel is your buzz, check out Time Twister 4D! It's a new adventure where ever you go in Evergreen Hills!

    To be able to enjoy more features of the park, please download this zip file . It contains all the media and music files needed for the park!
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  8. The Mountain Lives! A normal exploration tract goes off the rails when the mountain shows how alive it is and does not appreciate tresspassers. Inspired by Mount Fury by MikeyeeCA!
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  9. Here is the free open map from my series reboot Danger Island! Use this map to create your own Danger Island!
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  10. Created for the Channel5 Mini Park Contest---Welcome to Dew Point Pier! Come enjoy your summer vacation and soak up the sun and ride the waves!

    Some of the TMTK Creators of items i've used(Don't have all of them, can't remember which ones i've used heh heh)
    -Gear Ratio

    You can find most to all the TMTK items needed listed on the right under DLC.
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