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Howdy from Texas

Dr Redneck

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hello iam.Texas outlaw and everyone calls me tex. i iam currently living in Texas in a small town outside the DF/W area. iam 53yrs old and ive been married to my wife Katherine for 13 years. i have 5 Cats ( ALL RESCUES)  and 1 dog. i enjoy playing RTC 3 and planet coaster i stumbled upon this website becouse i was trying to find some  C.S sets for RTC 3 and sure enough i found them. thank you for putting all these old sets from RTC3 In one place iam sure itll make it a lot easier to find them  thank you and have a nice day

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Welcome to ParkCrafters! Excited to have you here and looking forward to some of the awesome things you'll create! 😁

there's this illusion of the reality, but it's not really really real, like it's beside and inside and inside and beside, but never on top.. nevermind, just kidding but not really

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