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  • Cody

    Come experience World Of Discovery in a new light.

  • Wilhelm1407

    I've been a bit absent the last few months, but I am trying to get back to work on my reuploading of CTs. I have 30 of Francescoaster's CTs left to upload. I'm working on the new read me files, and screenshots. 🙂

  • ShadowDragons

    Got to set off fireworks today. me like pretty glowy sparkles 🥹

  • TSFMcCH61-TerraMirus

    Hello everyone, Congrats to Park Crafters on First anniversary, truly hope there will be many more. I spent several years contemplating creating a site like this one to preserve and enjoy all things RCT (That I love) and other sim games and was extremely happy to see that others have the same passion and drive to preserve the classics and embrace the new with a place where newbies and pros can come share, explore, build and design our dreams and keep the fun alive no matter young or old. Hope to be able to help bring others into the community. That's all for now, but plenty of time to get to know one another.

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