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The 2024 ParkCrafters Awards - Information and Voting


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 The 2024 ParkCrafters Awards is here! Below you'll find all the information, voting links, and times for our upcoming anniversary event of the year.



To help celebrate ParkCrafters 1st anniversary, we're hosting our very first annual ParkCrafters Awards (PCAs)! This is a time to come together as a community to celebrate everything that has been shared and created throughout the past year - and of course, celebrate you all! The ParkCrafters Awards is finally here as our anniversary is approaching, so get ready to join in on the fun!



The ParkCrafters Awards is a staff-picked project-nominated award show where you, the community, get to vote on the winners in multiple categories. It all comes together during our live showing of the PCAs 2024 on our Discord server where the staff will announce the winners, have some fun with the community, and maybe unveil some upcoming surprises from both members' projects and community features. This award show is planned to happen only once a year around our community's anniversary where we take a look back at all the amazing content and projects shared.



Staff has reviewed every single project that has been posted on ParkCrafters within the past year and determined which ones should be nominated for award categories that span across all aspects of projects and games we host here on ParkCrafters. The official 2024 award categories are:

  • Best Planet Coaster Project
  • Best Planet Zoo Project
  • Best Parkitect Project
  • Best RCT 1 & 2 Project
  • Best RCT3 Project
  • Park of the Year
  • Attraction of the Year
  • Show of the Year
  • Best Editing in a Project
  • People's Choice Award
  • Member of the Year
  • Project of the Year

*There were not enough projects posted on NoLimits 2 and Cities: Skylines sections so those were not included this year.

We kept certain criteria when nominating projects to make sure that the project nominated made sense for both the award show and their respective category. These criteria are:

  • The project must have been posted within the last year of ParkCrafters (May 30th 2023 - April 1st, 2024). All projects shared before the award show and after April 1st, 2024 will be eligible for next year's show.
  • The project must have been completed or if it's an ongoing project (as many park projects are), it must have been ongoing AND active for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Past projects that were just reposted on ParkCrafters are not applicable (wolfpaw's Past Pyro Shows for example will not count towards nominations).
  • Projects posted by now banned members are not applicable.



While the staff chooses which projects are nominated and the categories, it's up to you and your fellow members to determine which project should win. At the end of this post, you'll find a link to all nominations where you can vote in a poll in each category thread. Each thread will contain a poll for you to vote in, what that category entails, the nominated projects, links to those nominated projects if you want to revisit them, instructions on how to vote, and a short nominated video showcasing all of the nominated projects.

Voting is and will forever be ANONYMOUS and results are HIDDEN until the winners are announced during the live broadcast of the PCAs. Keep in mind that account collusion (creating multiple accounts or forcing others to vote for your project to win) is against our rules and if found out we will ban your account(s). Keep everything fair and let the public decide!

*In the event of a tie, it will be up to the staff's discretion to determine the winner.



Once voting is complete, the PCAs will be broadcasted and winners announced live on our Discord server. This night will unveil all the winners, the winner for the Canvas Clash competition, upcoming projects from members who sent in videos, upcoming community features, premieres of new projects, and overall just a fun time with all of the community to help celebrate ParkCrafters first anniversary. Talking in the Discord call that night is completely optional so if you'd like to just jump in to view the award show and be on mute - that is perfectly fine!



Yes! If you'd like to submit a new trailer or teaser for an upcoming project - or just debut an entire project during the PCAs, please private message @wolfpaw with your content and we can add it to the show lineup. Please keep in mind that due to the format and nature of the show, your trailer, teaser, or premiere of a project MUST be in a video format. If you have something you'd like to show, send a message and we can discuss further. We're now taking content to be shown during the PCAs until voting ends, so if you have something send it in!



All winning projects and members will get you an exclusive PCAs 2024 badge for your ParkCrafters account and your project will be memorialized in our Discord server in an upcoming 'Trophy Room' channel so members can always go back and look at past winners.



The PCAs are now in full swing and below you can find all the important dates and links:

  • Public voting is NOW OPEN and will close on Monday, May 27th, 2024. View all nominees and vote for your favorite projects in each category here!
  • The live showing of the PCAs 2024 will be on Thursday, May 30th, 2024 at 9 PM EST on our Discord server! More details on the live show will be announced as we get closer.
  • The final day to submit content to be premiered during the show is Monday, May 27th, 2024.

Check our events calendar for more information on these dates!



We're so excited to celebrate the PCAs with you all and look forward to a night of fun with the community! Please keep in mind while this is a competition, the rules of the community still apply to this event. Let's all be civil and encouraging of all the winners, even if your project did not win. If anyone has any comments, questions, or concerns regarding the PCAs, feel free to respond below or submit a private message to any staff member and we can help you out. Good luck to all nominated projects and we'll see you on award night!

- The ParkCrafters Staff

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there's this illusion of the reality, but it's not really really real, like it's beside and inside and inside and beside, but never on top.. nevermind, just kidding but not really

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25 minutes ago, Wowman said:

I see this is scheduled for 9pm on 5/30, but what time zone?

The live awards show will be held on our Discord server on Thursday, May 30th, 2024 at 9 PM EST!

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there's this illusion of the reality, but it's not really really real, like it's beside and inside and inside and beside, but never on top.. nevermind, just kidding but not really

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