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  • vanapotamus

    Waterslide Extras Mod

    Can someone PLEASE make a mod for trapdoor water slides in this game I love riding them in real life and I would love to be able to make them in this game i think that the Ring/Raft slide should also gain access to a funnel element similar to the one on the H2OSlide Bowl but this one would be much bigger and would take inspiration from White Water Wests "Abyss" Funnel slides i also wanna see those boomerang elements you see on raft slides get added and those sphere elements you see to and maybe also LED interior slides to and bowl elements that don't end the slide here's some images showing everything i want to be added someone please make this mod a real thing

    maxresdefault (22).jpg









  • Cody

    Innovations Resort reservations now open for Discover Passholders.

    (World Of Discovery RCT3 project)

  • Kablary

    A new Bite has been announced and - amazingly - actually started! 

  • Bookworm91

    The Siren is complete! Watch the full show now!!!

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