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  • wolfpaw

    Happy anniversary everyone and congrats to all the nominations and winners for the PCAs!

  • Cody

    World Of Discovery won 3 awards during the first annual ParkCrafters Awards.

    RCT3 Project of the Year Award

    Park Of The Year Award

    People's Choice Award

    I want to thank everyone who voted and I am excited to continue this massive project.

  • Cody

    Happy 1 year to ParkCrafters!!!!

  • Cody

    Happy to be nominated for all three projects and member of the year! Thank you all for the support and look forward to the big celebration! 

  • Reptorian

    More updates to the MTTM project, it's a few week or few months away from being ready, so every one who played Ultimate Ride games can enjoy lost mods.

  • Reptorian

    Slight update to my MTTM project:

    Halfway done with two remaining theme before the fixing up other things.


    What I did so far:

    1. 1000+ icons changed (Still not done)

    2. Made 8 exclusive environment of my own

    Yeah, that's how big the project is.


    1. Fix up about 150 icons.

    2. Bugs fixes

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