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  1. The CT of Cedar Point's Corkscrew which opened in 1976.

    Made by Rctk1
  2. Originally requested by me, and created by the one and only, Francescoaster.

    I thank Francescoaster for creating this CT. I supplied them with the track from NoLimits 1.8 after a lot of modifications and editing, and the final results paid off fantastically.

    This CT replicates the Arrow Dynamics Megalooper that was located at Six Flags Great Adventure, and operated from 4/15/1989 to 7/18/2010. This requires Francescoaster's Corkscrew CTRs 1 and 2, and Francescoaster's MK1212 CTR, which is included in the file.


  3. The Vekoma MK-700 CTR created by Mennoo_. 

    Revolution and Recolorable. Can go up to 40 cars like Chaos. 

    Hope you guys enjoy.
  4. This is the Vekoma MK-900 CTR created by Mennoo_. It features a few versions.

    Temple of the Night Hawk
    Space Center (2 versions)
    Vogel Rok

    The train can go up to 10 cars.

    Hope you guys enjoy.
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